Mt. Holy Cross 4x4 Trip in August 2000

There we are...

Kwahu, TazzyT, and our fearless (snicker) Shiley mutt by Kwahu's 1968 CJ5 jeep.   This was my first experience jeeping with the boys and with extreme 4x4.  

 LMann 2000

 LMann 2000
 LMann 2000

This was the first major hurdle in this trail.  Least to say I was a bit nervous when the jeep slid down the rock the first time.  Ok, maybe nervous is not quite the correct term...  the dog and I bailed out of the jeep!   Ren in his Toyota went first then us.   Unfortunately, our buddy Jim had to head back to camp to work on his jeep...   Fuel pump problems.

There is Kwahu scoping things out,
trying to figure out how to take those rocks.  
Doesn't look too bad does it?
Let's put it in perspective...

The two photo's below will help.  
In the photo on the left notice the
big rock on the top/middle right of the photo...
That rock is the same rock
the gentleman in the right photo is sitting on.

Hope that helps put things in perspective. =-)

 LMann 2000
 LMann 2000
 LMann 2000

To make matters worse, there is a stream right before this little challenge.   Fortunately, this trip the water was low and the rocks were dry at the time.   So on with the pictures.   Ren went first.  He high centered on that rock right in front of his bumper in the first photo and had to winch out.  

 LMann 2000
 LMann 2000

Kwahu was next and doing well, right up until his tires slid off the same rock Ren had high centered on. His jeep slid right down into the hole of rocks.   He had to winch out also.

 LMann 2000
 LMann 2000

There are a couple more little challenges on the way up to the city but this gal stayed strapped in for them.

Here are a couple shots of what is left of Mt Holy Cross City.  Just a ledge down sits an old boiler left also. That photo didn't scan well so I left it out.   

 LMann 2000

 LMann 2000

It is my understanding that the trail continues on a bit above the city and that it is actually the worst section of the trail.  

It was running a little late this trip so we didn't continue on.

Final damage tally as follows:

Kwahu: 1 crunched front fender and a slightly squished exhaust pipe
Jim: couple cracks in the frame, 2 fuel pumps and a new fuel line ran
Ren: hmm don't remember...

There are some links below for Mt Holy Cross information, lore,
and other people's adventures.  

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