Ouray Colorado 4x4 Trip in August 2003

The following pictures are not healthy for the male ego!!

There we are... Kwahu's 1968 CJ5 jeep Broken down on the side of the road.

This was not a good year for jeeping for us. What is worse is our bad luck rubbed off on the couple with us.

We finally got the jeep running and headed up the hill only to turn around and find out their jeep had died with a freak dead battery.

 Linda Lagerstrom 2003

 Linda Lagerstrom 2003

Hmm, what is this?

I am working on the jeep and from the look of things the guys look a bit confused. Guess that was why I had to explain part of the problem to them.


There is Kwahu day dreaming of the hills, and it looks like Steve is gawking at his wife Linda.    (Lovely woman! She took these great photos)

Where am I? Elbow deep in the jeep!

 Linda Lagerstrom 2003

 Linda Lagerstrom 2003

Hmmm, Interesting...

Once again I am working on the jeep and the boys are doing...

Well, I am not sure what the boys are doing but they are not helping me.

We did finally get both jeeps running and headed back down the hill. That was one wild ride. We basically coasted down the hill and back into Ouray where we had to work on the jeep after getting a few parts.

Gotta love working on a jeep in a cold rain. Yep, it rained while we were off getting parts in Montrose. On this trip we put in a new fuel line, fuel pump, thermostat (3x), and had the radiator worked on. It blew on our wild ride down the hill. 2 holes and one seam blown out.

If you ever need radiator work while in the area of Ouray Colorado go see Valley Radiator in Montrose.  He was wonderful, fast, reliable, and a hoot to boot!  He is located at:   1120 N. Townsend Ave., Montrose CO 81401   PH: 970-249-4641

We would also like to thank Linda for these great photos and for giving us permission to post them on the site!

Thank you, Linda!

Final damage tally as follows:
2 bruised egos, 2 bored pups, no photos by us, and a jeep that still is not running right.

There are some links below for Ouray information, lore, and other people's adventures.  Enjoy and REMEMBER - TRED LIGHTLY!

A few Ouray Links:

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