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As we have said before we had adopted a puppy from our local humane society and named her Shiley. She will be 6 years old in December 2005.

We were getting real worried about her when our other pup, Bear, passed away in February 2003 and she took it real hard. She's still not the same happy go lucky pup she used to be.

Shiley as a pup  LMann

Attiki as a pup  LMann

After Bear passed away we got a
new pup from "Life Line Puppy Rescue".
We called her Attiki. It is pronounced "at-tick-I"

We were told she was a Chow mix
when we got her, but when we took her
to the vet for her first visit we were told
she was probably an Akita mix. This really
pleased us.  We weren't thrilled with
having a chow but we both fell head over heels for the pup. Akitas were one of the
breeds we were hoping to find however.

She will be 3 years old in December 2005
and is doing great!

We will get a new photos of our selves and the pups soon.  

Support your local shelters and rescues.
Do your part to help stop unwanted animals. Spay or Neuter your pets.
All of our 4 legged family members are "pound" pets.

We recently lost another pet. Gremlin passed away on May 10, 2004.
In Memory of our Beloved Pets

Thank you for visiting us.

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