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Last Update:
Thu, 29-Jan-2009

Updates for 2005 - 2008

Dec 2008

I always intend to update this page with all updates made through the year but it never seems to happen. Here are some of the updates I can remember:

Main: Added Class of 88 contact page
Cobra: Full site overhaul - layout, design, and images
Gemstone: Removed and merged site with Cobra site
Crafts: Started redesign but never posted - will do that in 2009

Jan 2008

Main: Updated main index page
         Merged 2007 updates into archive and started 2008
         Added Site Policies

Jul 2007

Main: New layout for main site pages
         Converted to PHP: Copyrights, Site Map
         Added Site Policies
         Converted updates to PHP & merged into 3 pages

Apr 2007

Design: Converted Design Site over to PHP
            Added new guestbook by
            Added new forms script by and converted forms over

Dec 2006

ALL: Removed all Guestbooks due to spamming
       Disabled all forms due to spamming

All forms and guestbooks will be returned when new scripts are found

Jan 2006

Main: Minor reformatting on all pages
         Added 2006 update page
         Added phpCoin Billing software/script
         Removed phpCoin Billing as it was hacked when testing status removed
ALL: Removed entire site and uploaded a clean version due to billing hack

12/12/05 All: Added a Site Index link to all update/copyrights at the bottom of the pages
Personal: Archives added include Inspire, Humor, Love, & Friendship
              Also tweeked a few pages in the archives
Dakota: Updated Dakota's Information
11/24/05 Main: Updated the heat pack of the month
         Reformatted the Disclaimer page
Personal: Corrected all update/copyrights on bottom of pages
              Corrected a few broken links
              Reformatted the "Myself" page
11/23/05 Personal: Added remaining menus for the archive groups
              Updated all the Archive: Emazing Facts pages
              Updated all games pages - Yahtzee is still broke
              Updated all vacation pages
* NOTE * Many updates were done prior to 11/20/05.  However, I neglected
      to get them listed here.  Area's included but are not limited to
      the main pages, Crafts, Cobra, Dakota's, and Delamarz Sisters.

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