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A World Trade Center Tribute

 WTC Tribute   |  Photo Copyrights   |  List of Victims   |  Other Tributes 

A Word from the Creator Fr. K:

Apologies to those whose copyrights I've no doubt trampled, especially to Mariah Carey, whose recording of "Hero" I used, and Yahoo, from whom almost all the images came.

A Note from the Webmaster:

I have been trying to track down the copyrights for the images used in Fr. K's WTC Tribute.  What has been found to date is listed below.  In some cases the photo was found in another location yet still did not contain any copyright information.  In other cases the photos have yet to be found anywhere other than the tribute.

If anyone knows where these photos my be found on the web or who the photographer is PLEASE contact me so the information may be added.  All assistance is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to you,

spacer 1) lone worker in sea of ash

© AP Photo / Bernadette Tuazon

spacer 3) Worker in yellow with flag walking in front of wreakage
spacer 4) 2 workers at Pentagon
spacer 5) Lone worker; glasses, goggles, mask, and orange shirt
© 2001 AP Photo / Stephen Chernin
spacer 7) worker adjusting flag on back
spacer 8) EMP's with patient on gurney
© 2001 Peter Morgan / Reuters
Curent posting in Time photoessay "The Rescue Effort Begins"
spacer 10) workers on wreakage line
© 2001 AP Wide World Photos
Current posting at
spacer 12) Survivors walking away; 1 fireman giving survivor oxygen
spacer 13) 2 firemen hugging
spacer 14) 2 firemen gazing at ...
spacer 15) burnt out hull, workers, red crane
spacer 16) lone worker red vest looking at shell (close up)
spacer 17) above from distance with more workers
spacer 18) Bush shaking fire fighters hands
spacer 19) Bush talking to black lab & fire fighters
spacer 20) firemen walking through ash and rubble; ash covered cars
spacer 21) hands clapping for fireman
spacer 22) police officer with mask; mazo trailer in back
spacer 23) police squad walking right
spacer 24) worker with HR on helmet and flag
 2001 Thomas E. Franklin © 2001 The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
Photo by Thomas E. Franklin, Staff Photographer
Photo taken September 11, 2001 at the World trade Center and published in The Record on September 12, 2001.
spacer 26) 2 military men; 1 with flag kerchief
spacer 28) food outlets for workers with flags
spacer 29) Bush shaking hands of Red Cross Worker
spacer 30) crane and worker lifting plane wing
spacer 31) 2 firemen carrying a body; sun upper left corner
spacer 32) police/firemen carrying casket of fallen; white hats left; blue hats right
spacer 33) police/fire holding casket of fallen
spacer 34) firehouse priests funeral
spacer 36) fireman with mask resting head in right hand
spacer 37) fireman resting with jacket and hat on post behind him
spacer 38) gal holding thank you sign; sleeveless pink top
spacer 39) twin tower sketch; fdny left and nypd right

 WTC Tribute   |  Photo Copyrights   |  List of Victims   |  Other Tributes   All rights reserved.  Updated: Sat, 11-Sep-2010
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